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King Candy Wreck-It Ralph Standee

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Our King Candy Wreck-It Ralph Cardboard Cutout is the ultimate Wreck-It Ralph collector’s item for any fan. Now you can bring a piece of your favorite character right into your home! This highly detailed, life-sized cardboard cutout is a top-notch Wreck-It Ralph party decoration and is bound to impress your guests. Or, you can make this standee a permanent fixture. Measuring at 52" x 37", this cardboard standup is the perfect complement to all of your Wreck-It Ralph merchandise. The product depicts King Candy leaning on a striped cane. Seize this unique opportunity to bring a King Candy WreckIt Ralph Cardboard Cutout home! Better yet, this Wreck-It Ralph cardboard cutout makes the perfect gift for your favorite fan.

Availability: This King Candy Wreck-It Ralph Standee takes roughly 2-3 business days to leave our warehouse and then regular shipping time to arrive at your address.
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