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Triceratops Dinosaur Standee

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Our Triceratops Dinosaur Standee will be sure to keep people on their toes! This detailed, towering dinosaur standee makes the perfect gift for any dinosaur lover. This is a must-have for anyone looking for a dinosaur party decoration, a dinosaur gift, or to stage a prehistoric diorama. This cardboard cutout measures at 61” x 46” and features a triceratops showing its teeth while screeching. If you’ve ever wanted a cardboard standup of your own, this dinosaur collectible item will surely deliver on its promise. Our cardboard cutout will leave you grateful you live in the current era. Buyers beware – your living room may start looking like Jurassic Park!

Availability: This Triceratops Dinosaur Standee takes roughly 2-3 business days to leave our warehouse and then regular shipping time to arrive at your address.
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