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Star Wars Trilogy Filmcell

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The Star Wars Trilogy Filmcell is the cornerstone to any Star Wars memorabilia collection. Double-mounted and encased within a beautiful wooden 18.5"x9.5"x1" frame, these plaques showcase 6"x4" movie posters from the first three movies (Episodes IV, V, and VI), an official nameplate, and six actual cells of the film strips from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Each film cell is hand-selected from the 35mm cut of the film, and also comes with a certificate of authenticity attached to the back of the movie cell. Finally, you can own a genuine part of cinematic history with the Star Wars Trilogy filmcell!

Availability: Please allow approximately 2-5 business days for film cell to leave the warehouse. Please note: this item is not returnable.

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