Film Cells

Do you love your favorite film more than anything? Why not prove it with an authentic Filmcell? Each and every film cell we offer is hand-selected from the actual 35mm cut of the movie. That means you’re buying a genuine piece of the movie itself, complete with a certificate of authenticity. These are a must-have collectible for any movie memorabilia collection! The film cells are double-mounted next to a 6”x4” commemorative photograph, then encased within a beautiful wooden frame and a striking plaque displaying the movie logo or title. Since there is only a limited amount of movie cells in each film strip, only the true fans will be able to own their very own film cell. Order now while there’s still time.

Film cells make ideal gifts—all you need to know is the receiver’s favorite movie. Is your nephew a die-hard Star Wars fan? Surely he’ll appreciate owning an actual piece of a Star Wars Filmcell. Your sister won’t stop talking about Pirates of the Caribbean? Watch her fawn over a Pirates of the Caribbean Filmcell set next to a photo of Johnny Depp. And why not give a gift to someone who really deserves it: you! What better way to remind yourself of the philosophy of Scarface than to see a mounted Scarface Filmcell of Tony Montana himself. Indulge in the movies that touched your life; we have your favorites, from Harry Potter Filmcells to Lord of The Rings Filmcells, from Spiderman Filmcells to Wizard of Oz Filmcells.

We don’t just sell movie cells, either. You can buy a bona fide film cell from a recorded performance of your favorite musician. These film cells are perfect for any music memorabilia collection. Hang an Elvis Presley Filmcel in honor of the King. Show your friends your Beatles Filmcell, Rolling Stones Filmcell, or Bruce Springsteen Filmcell.

Just remember, there are only so many film cells to go around, so order yours now before the film runs out!

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